Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isaac is coming...

So, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaac is on it's way to Florida.  This storm totally ruined my weekend. =/ It is slightly annoying.  I was supposed to get my hair cut.  My hair is in some desperate need of attention. Oh, well, maybe next weekend.

Anyways, the hubby and I went to Target to get some supplies JUST in case we lose power or get flooded or something bad happens... Our supplies included water, cat food, and a bag of the red starburst, you know, the essentials. =] Oh, well we also got some candles.  So, I think we are pretty prepared for this MASSIVE storm that seems to be heading our way.  <<hinting at the sarcasm>>

On our way to our Target adventure, the hubby realized that his car was on E.  And since Isaac is on his way, most of the gas stations were our of gas.  It was a tense ten minutes before we found a gas station that actually had gas.

That was our excited day!