Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Book Review: Minutes to Kill by Melinda Leigh

     I finished Minutes to Kill several days ago, and it has taken me this long to gather my thoughts on this book by Melinda Leigh.

Book Description:
     After corporate attorney Hannah Barrett tries - and fails - to stop a kidnapping in Vegas, she can't shake the haunting image of the terrified young girl she couldn't save.  She tells herself that a visit to her hometown in Scarlet Falls could be a welcome distraction.  But soon, Hannah realizes the kidnappers have all the info they need to track her every move.  And when chilling e-mails about the victim appear in her inbox, it's frighteningly clear what happened in Vegas has followed her home.
     Eight months after a terrible family tragedy, Hannah turns to Detective Brody McNamara once again.  Brody is eager to help, though he's embroiled in the investigation of a brutal murder.  But the closer they work together, the stronger their feelings grow... and the more they stand to lose when two seemingly unrelated, but equally deadly, cases collide.
     Minutes to Kill is the pulse-racing second novel in bestselling author Melinda Leigh's Scarlet Falls series.

**To start this review, I did receive an ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  

     I have read several of Melinda's books before this one; however, I didn't know that this was the second in a series.  I think these are meant to be able to be read as stand alone books, but I must say I wish I read Hour of Need first.  

     For me, the beginning of the book held a lot of promise.  However, shortly after Hannah failed to save the young teenage girl from her kidnappers, the story sort of flat-lined for me.  The kidnappers got a hold of Hannah's purse (with her wallet and credit cards) and the only thing Hannah seemed to be worried about was just canceling her cards.  I mean they got her ADDRESS (which was where her brother and young niece and nephew lived) and she didn't seem to care.  No one, especially the cops in both Vegas and Scarlet Falls, seemed concerned that the bad guys had her address.  The suspense picked up somewhat towards the end, but by that point I had lost interest in these characters (especially Hannah) and their story.

     I didn't like Hannah all that much.  The whole book she kept beating herself up "for not doing enough" to save the girl.  I felt she did more than 99% of the world would do and her constant questioning and berating herself got old pretty quick.       

End rating: 3 out of 5