Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Book Review: Blackmailed by the Hero by Julia Particka

Book Description

Party planner Vicky Stone is on a post-divorce mission. Not only does she intend to land her dream promotion, she’s going to indulge in a night of hot hook-up sex. Preferably with the hunky actor she just met at a work function, no-fraternization rules be damned. Fortunately, his drunken directions included a right that should have been a left, landing her in bed with her brother's extra-hot, extra-off-limits best friend instead of the unemployment line.
And, oh, he feels good. Too good.
Bad boy Dante Palladino’s forbidden fantasies are about to come true…until Vicky realizes who she’s feeling up. And to find out she risked her job for sex with some loser? Not on his watch. Dante throws down the ultimate, albeit self-serving, blackmail. Vicky will date him—and only him—and her secret will be safe. But Vicky swore never to fall for another guy who could break her heart...and Dante’s on course to do just that.

AVAILABLE: August 11, 2015

**I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Vicky Stone didn't think sneaking into the wrong room to hook up with an actor after a work function could get bad enough until she realizes who's room she snuck into: Dante Palladino, her brother's best friend.  Dante has had a thing for Vicky of over five years, but when he first met her she was getting ready to marry another man.  So when he wakes up to a naked Vicky, he's all for taking what she is offering, that is.. until Vicky realizes who it is she is feeling up.  Completely embarassed and scared Dante will rat her out to her boss and get her fired, Vicky asks him to help her sneak out of the house.

The next morning, she realizes that she left her work ID card in Dante's room.  Forced to contact him and ask for another favor, Dante takes advantage to get Vicky to go out with him (and to stay away from the man she was supposed to be hooking up with).  I mean, what's a little blackmail between friends?!  And really, if Vicky had told him to go to hell and to f*** off, he would of just given her her ID back and gone on with his day.  But she didn't and he intends to show her he is more than his bad boy reputation.

Dante was probably one of my favorite heros I've read in a while.  He really cares about Vicky and sets out to show her, not just get her into his bed.

Rating: 4 out of 5