Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review: Wrecked by Sinclair Jayne

Book Description

Hollis Remington is slinking home to San Clemente, California. Needing to hide out at her grandmother’s beach cottage to lick the wounds from her latest professional failure, she’s stunned to find her ex lover and professional surf god, Kadan Carson, lounging in the only bed. Naked. Hollis can’t afford a hotel, and no way will she let her family or friends know she’s broke, but Kadan’s refusing to leave. He does, however, agree to share…
Professional surfer Kadan Carson is recuperating after his third ankle and foot surgery, and while it’s highly possible his professional career may be over on the brink of his most lucrative corporate sponsorship deal, he’s determined to fight the inevitable effects of age, gravity, and injury on his body in private. No fans. No nurses. No distractions. Until Hollis shows up, who has always been one hell of a distraction. Six years after she walked out for the last time accusing him of infidelity, she’s still the one woman he hasn’t been able to exorcise from his heart, head or body. And he doesn’t really want to.
There’s no way Hollis can forgive, but she also can’t forget. Kadan was and is her first and only love. Can she help him to heal without losing her heart again?
AVAILABLE: October 1, 2015
**I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**
Hollis Remington comes back to San Clemente, California to hide out (privately) from her latest failure.  What she wants is some time and space to figure out what her next move will be.  Instead, she finds her ex, Kadan Carson, sleeping in her grandmother's guest house.
Kadan is hiding out for different reasons.  He recently had a third ankle surgery, and this one might just be the one to end his surfing career.  He is surprised to find his just as surprised to see Hollis (whom he lovingly calls Duchess) back at her grandmother's house.  He 'negotiates' with Hollies; he won't tell anyone she is back if she helps him get around for physical therapy/doctors appointments, etc.  But Hollis is home and he will do anything to keep her where she belongs, with him.
I didn't like this book.  First off, I felt it was short and rushed.  Second, I didn't like Hollis.  She was WAY to insecure, untrusting, and whiny to me.  I didn't understand why Kadan wasted his time with her.  She accused him of cheating all the time and didn't trust him, yet he still wanted her.  **Shakes head**  Then she didn't understand why he never asked her to travel with him for surfing competitions while she was IN MEDICIAL school....

Rating: 2 out of 5