Tuesday, June 5, 2018

After I was His by Amelia Wilde

Book Description

Amelia Wilde presents an intense, emotional tale about a wounded warrior fighting his demons and the woman who captures his heart even as she pushes him to his limits.

Wes Sullivan is everything I loathe in a man.

Too strong. Too controlling. Too serious.
He left the Army, but that Army attitude won’t leave him.

And me? My spirit is so free that no man can contain me.
Screw rules. Screw routines. Maintain that element of surprise.

My only job is to get him to the church on time for a wedding.
Kissing him isn’t part of the deal.
Neither is falling for those lightning eyes, for that rock-hard body.

But beneath the bravado is a crack in his armor.
And his smile is a crack in mine.

With every kiss, we’re flirting with disaster.
This could end in heartbreak.
But you know what they say…
There’s only one way to find out.

AVAILABLE: June 5, 2018

Wounded Hearts Series
Before She was Mine (Book 1)
After I was His (Book 2)

After I Was His by Amelia Wilde is the story of Wes Sullivan (big brother of Summer in Before She was Mine) and Whitney (best friend of Summer).  It all starts at when Whitney has to go hunt down Wes at Summer and Dayton wedding.  And from there a relationship begins.

I haven't read Before She was Mine and I kind of feel like I am missing some of the story about Wes and Dayton's deployment and the cause of Wes' PTSD.  It seems glossed over.  I didn't feel the connection between Wes and Whitney.  It seemed that all they were doing was complaining about each other.  Wes was too rigid and set in his routine (to help with his PTSD) and Whitney was to carefree, flighty, and spontaneous.  This book was just okay to me.   

Rating: 3 out of 5

**An ARC was provided by Give Me Books Promotion in exchange for a honest review.**

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