Friday, March 8, 2013

February's Birchbox review

So, I have had my "Red Carpet Ready" themed Birchbox for about a week now and I have had time to try the products out to see what I like and don't like.

In case you didn't see my blog post on the products I received in February's Birchbox, click HERE to read it.

Here is the review I left on Birchbox's website:

Can I please have other perfume samples other than Juicy Couture...?!?!  Seriously, it seems like I get one every other month.  And I haven't liked any of them except maybe one.  And this one isn't the one I like AT ALL.  Idk to me it just smells like musty, dirty, dead flowers... not good. Sorry. Not for me.

Here is the review I left of Birchbox's website:

I understand the concept of double-sided tape; however, I need my "girls" to be locked and loaded into place.  I am to busty to mess with the no bra/use tape .  More power to those that can pull it off, but I am not one of them.  I wear dresses that have straps that allow me to wear a bra or my (really expensive) strapless bra.  

I just have no use for it.

Here is the review I left on Birchbox's website:

This is a good detangler, but that is just it... It's good.  There is nothing EARTHSHATTERING about this product.  You can get good detanglers for much less than this one.  

Here is the review I left on Birchbox's website:

I love Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares ESPECIALLY the Caramel flavored one.  However, I HATE getting food products in my monthly Birchbox.  I live in Florida where it gets HOT!! I also have a metal mailbox.  So by the time I get to my mailbox, I don't trust the food products that have been sitting in the hot, hot, sun-beaten, metal mailbox.  So I end up throwing food products away.  Sorry...

Here is the review I left on Birchbox's website:

I reason I gave this product only 2 stars is because I didn't see any "mattifying" effect in this moisturizer.  My skin is combo/oily, so this would have been a good find to have; however, this didn't do anything for me that my normal (AND not so expensive) moisturizer.  The texture was nice, but the selling point of this product didn't so anything for me. 

Here is the review I left on Birchbox's website:

My husband is VERY picky about the lip products I wear. He doesn't like kissing me if I have certain lip stuff on.  So the first thing I did when opening this product was put some on and ran to give my hubby a smooch.  He, of course, looked at me like I was crazy and asked me what I was doing.  When I told him I was testing out a new lip gloss and I wanted to see if he "liked" it or not, he shrugged and said "it didn't taste bad, so it's okay...".  So, to me that equal WINNER! =] (Keep in mind, I still wear what I want, I just TRY to keep him in mind if I was planning on kissin' my hubby).

About the product, it is as Birchbox describes is: sheer (NO COLOR, just some shine), and doesn't leave behind any "trace evidence" a.k.a sticky residue on the lips.   If you like products that show off you natural lip color and just adds a little bit of "glossy, wet" look to your lips, then this is the product for you. (Plus, I think the sample sent was a full-sized product.)