Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Final Seven by Erica Spindler

Book Description

The first Saturday in July. . . 
A missing coed . . . 
The number seven carved into her door . . . 
The countdown has begun. 

New Orleans Detective Micki Dee Dare is a seasoned, no-nonsense cop. She doesn't need a partner, especially not Zach “Hollywood” Harris, an irreverent charmer, fresh out of an experimental FBI program. And her assignment — keep him alive while he fights crime using the special skills he brings to the table — is not what she signed up for. But the die has been cast and there's nothing she can do about it.

Micki soon realizes there's more to her partner than meets the eye—and more at stake than catching bad guys and closing cases. There’s a new kind of evil at work the Crescent City, more cunning, more powerful than any she’s ever encountered. And she and Zach may be the only ones who can stop it.

As another coed goes missing and the darkness closes in, Micki must face a terrifying truth: this time she might not make it. This time the evil they’re facing might destroy them all . . .

Full of surprise twists and unexpected turns, The Final Seven is a heart-pounding thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page. 

AVAILABLE: February 11, 2016

The Lightkeepers Series
The Final Seven (Book 1)

The Final Seven is the first book in Erica Spindle's new The Lightkeepers series.  It is different from any of the other Erica Spindle book's I've read because it brings in a little paranormal aspect to it, which I thought worked really well.  This book was definitely different then the books that I have been reading lately, which I think was part of why I enjoyed it so much.  Can't wait to see what else happens with Micki and Zach.

NOPD Detective Micki Dare is a tough no nonsense cop who doesn't need a partner to do her job.  But when her captain assigns her with "Detective" Jach Harris, she has something to say about it.  But Zach isn't your normal detective.  He is part of the FBI's secret program called the Sixers, where people have certain "abilities" that go beyond the normal five senses (Sight, Taste, Smell, Touch, and Hearing).  Micki's job: keep Zach alive (aka babysit) while they investigate missing co-eds.

But there is a darkness setting it's sights on New Orleans and Micki and Zach are fighting an invisible force determined to snuff out the light.  The Final Seven is a story of light vs. the darkness and putting trust in your partner before the darkness wins.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

**I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.**

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