Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tell Me You Crave Me by Joya Ryan

Book Description

Easton Ambrose has spent half his life protecting Natalie St. Clair from guys like himself. It’s not like he wants to interfere with her dating life, but what’s he supposed to do when she insists on going out with the wrong kind of guy? Kiss her, of course. But now she's pissed. And what starts as an apology turns to heated words...then just to heat.

Jumping East was the worst idea in the history of ideas. The guy is Natalie’s older brother’s best friend, the definition of off limits. But she’s tired of the safe guys who couldn’t light a fire with a flamethrower. Time for a little dangerous—even if dangerous always blows up in your face. Because even if they survive their bedroom antics, it’s only a matter of time before they’re caught…

AVAILABLE: April 4, 2016

Search and Seduce
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Tell Me You Crave Me is the third book in Joya Ryan's Search and Seduce series and the second one I've read.  I read Tell Me You Want Me and I couldn't even finish the last 30 or so pages.  BUT I think that Tell Me You Crave Me is a MILLION times better than the previous book.

Easton Ambrose is a quintessential man-whore, and that is just the way he likes it.  After the way he grew up, he doesn't let himself get to attached to anything.  So his feelings for Natalie St. Clair is completely unwelcome.  Her family took him in when his own left him and he doesn't want to mess that up by messing around with with Nat.  So he fights his feelings for Natalie, until one night he can't.

Natalie St. Claire is tired.  She is tired of feeling like the whole town's "little sister".  She is tired of her southern-belle mother pushing her to find a man and get married.  Which lead her to some seriously BORING dates.  She just wants to make her cupcake shop a success and enjoy her life.  It was during one of these boring dates that East comes to her rescue.  Only her "rescue" turns into fighting with Easton, which turns into going at it in her cupcake shop.

Expectations, from themselves and others, keep these two from expressing how they feel (and have felt) about each other.  Will they be able to move past them in order to REALLY be together?  Or will they succumb to the preconceived notions that people expect from them?

Rating: 4 out of 5

**I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.**