Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Organizing like crazy...

So, this past week I have been on an organization kick.  Spring cleaning has come early to the Novak house. =]  

So far the tasked completed have been my bathroom drawers, but not under the sicks yet because I need to figure out how I want the shelves under them and how to organize all my nail polishes... (any tips would be GREAT!!)

I've also organized my pj drawer.  I have two sleepy shirt drawers and I figured that that was a bit much so I was trying to condense the amount of shirts along with better folding skills.  I saw this POST on pinterest and liked how this looked. =] Unfortunantly for me, my drawer isn't high enough to lay the shirts out like the post showed; however, I was able to condense them down to one (YAY ME!), so now the hubby has access to another drawer for all his gym shorts. ;-P 

I am also one of those anal people that organizes my closest by color.  I can honestly say it helps me find what I am looking for.  But I kinda went a step further by organizing my closet, not only by color, but NOW also by the type of shirt it is (tank, short sleeve, 3/4 long sleeve, long sleeve, button down, sweaters).  Say what you want, but it is SOOO easy to find what I am looking for! 

Next I think I'm tackling my nail polishes and makeup.