Thursday, January 3, 2013


HAPPY 2013!!

It's amazing that the older I get, the faster the years seem to go by!  2012 was a CRAZY hectic year for the hubby and I! We moved all over the state of FL for work but we are now finally settled in one place (and I hope it stays that way for a little bit longer!) 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas/Holiday season and was able to spend it with the ones you love!    Chris and I were able to go back home for a few days and spend Christmas with my family! I think this was the least amount of drama I've ever experienced, so that was a MAJOR plus! =]

I got AMAZING gifts.  My favorite being my new camera!!

This is the Nikon J1 with the 10-30mm lens

I am completely in love with this camera!! It takes AMAZING pictures in low light.  Example, the hubby and I went to the Orange Bowl on New Year's Day to watch FSU play! We didn't start tailgating until about 5ish.  Here in FL, especially during Daylight savings, it begins to get dark around that time.  I didn't have to start using the flash with this camera until about 6:45!  The hubby and I are planning on getting new lens for this camera as time goes on. =]  I loved all the gifts I got this year, but this one just happened to be the one I was the most excited about! =]

It is also the time when everyone tries to make some New Years resolutions.  Now, I'm the type to ALWAYS make a resolution that I NEVER end up doing, so this year my first resolution is to STICK to my New Years resolution.  I always try to make them reasonable.  

Here they are:

1. At least once a week, cook something we haven't tried yet.  I don't think we will be able to have a set day for the new recipe night, but just as long as it is once a week!
2.  Try to have a one night a week with no computer and cell phone.  I feel our lives (especially ours since Chris works in electronic's) always revolve around cell phone's and computers.  So, I would LOVE it if just for one night we can ignore our phones and computers and focus on spending time with each other! 
3. Drink more water!! 
4. Find exercises that don't bore me!  I seem to get really bored when I work out if I do the same thing over and over, whether it be a video or me just doing some stuff.  So, I need to find something that works, yet doesn't bore me. 
5. And lastly, get more organized.  I have been looking on Pinterest for some organization tips and tricks for the Novak household.  I can share what works for us as I start setting some things in motion! =]

Hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years!! 
Also, I would love to hear your resolutions! So I hope you share!