Thursday, October 29, 2015

Divorced, Desperate, and Daring by Christie Craig

Book Description

Smart and sassy . . . 

Sheri Thompson knew better. She could spot a horn dog from a mile away, especially when she’d been warned about him countless times by her best friend. Still, when Danny started smooth-talking Sheri at that same friend’s wedding, she couldn’t resist. It was the best one-night stand of her life. Heck, the best night of her life. And then she woke up alone.

Divorced and determined to stay that way . . .

Detective Danny Henderson didn’t like fear, but he’d felt a lot of it that morning he’d woken up feeling all warm and cozy next to the one woman that might just make an honest man of him. Six months later, fear has punched him in the gut again, but worse this time. He’s investigating a murder plot . . . a planned hit. The target: Sheri Thompson. This time his fear won’t get the best of him. He’ll kick ass to keep her safe and make sure he gets a second chance at countless more nights with the woman of his dreams. 

AVAILABLE: October 25, 2015

**One thing that bugs me about some ebooks (and even some printed) is the "added" pages in the book that are not the ACTUAL story.  It's the added stuff: book lists, previews of previous/future books from authors. It's rather annoying when you spend money on a book and think you have more to go aaannnddd you don't.  Divorced, Desperate, and Daring was done at 82%. 82%!!!!!!! That's a significant chunk of the book that is actually NOT the book.  I want that 18% back!! That's almost 1/5 of the book!!! 

okay... end rant.

Divorced, Desperate, and Daring is the six book in Christie Craig's Divorced and Desperate series.  Each book is a standalone featuring a different couple with "cameos" from the previous couples.

Sheri Thompson has been warned about Detective Danny Henderson.  He's the love'em and leave'em type.  But at her best friends wedding, she gives in to her desire for him and has the best night of her life.  A night of AMAZING sex and great conversation.  She thought, maybe, something more could come of it, until she wakes up in their hotel room alone.

Now, six months later, Sheri is still trying to find the feeling she had that one night with Danny.  And Danny is still kicking himself for walking out on what could of been the best thing that could of happened to him.  He's tried apologizing and talking to Sheri, but she has avoided him like the plague.  But when he hears that there has been a hit taken out on A Sheri Thompson, he is bound and determined to make sure it's not HIS Sheri.  And if he can convince Sheri to give him another chance, all the better.

Divorced, Desperate, and Daring is a laugh out loud read about second chances and learning to trust.

Rating: 4 out of 5