Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hidden Scars by Amanda K. Byrne

Book Description

Sometimes the past won’t stay where it belongs.

Sara’s number one rule of dating: closed off, secretive men need not apply. Years of therapy helped her move past the damage done by her emotionally abusive boyfriend, and she’s ready to date again. Someone funny, laid back, and easy to talk to. All things her coworker Taylor isn’t.

Taylor’s quiet. Too quiet. He operates in permanent stealth mode, and he hides his secrets as well as Sara does. She doesn’t want to be attracted to him, but after a night spent in a hotel room together, trapped by a blizzard, she can’t deny there’s a fire-hot connection between them, waiting to ignite. Their working relationship inches closer and closer to friendship, until one day she gathers her courage and kisses him.

It’s the match Taylor was waiting for.

What starts as a sweet, fumbling friendship quickly becomes a passionate and intense affair. Just when Sara’s starting to feel safe in Taylor’s arms, his secrets come out, and she wonders if she’ll ever be able to stop looking over her shoulder.

AVAILABLE:  September 22, 2015

**I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Trust.  Probably the hardest thing to earn, yet the easiest to destroy.

Hidden Scars starts off with sales executives Sara and Taylor stuck in Chicago due to a snow storm.  Not wanting to sleep in the airport, they head to a hotel to find that they have only one room left.  With a single bed.  Sara demands that Taylor take the bed, while she will sleep on the floor.  After getting ready for bed, Sara sees Taylor in a way she's never seen him before; shirtless with a beautiful tattoo covering his back and scars.  

After returning to Portland, Sara can't seem to shake thoughts of Taylor.  She is curious about a man for the first time in a long time and finds herself trying to befriend him.  Taylor isn't the easiest man to get to know.  Life has taught him that he can learn more by simply observing and listening to what is going on around him rather than making his presence known.  He has paid attention to Sara in the office, and he knows something has happened to her to put the look of fear and mistrust into her eyes. But Taylor is a patient man and wants Sara to feel comfortable around him before he even thinks about shifting their relationship from friendship to something more.

Taylor and Sara really built a true friendship.  Sara became determined to make Taylor let go with her and just smile. Taylor was determined to get Sara to trust him with her body, mind and soul.  Each was comfortable in their silence and didn't feel the need to take just to hear their voices.  Their conversations had meaning and depth.

But the past doesn't always want to stay that way.  Will Sara and Taylor be able to trust that they are better together to move through some trauma or will the past break them? 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5