Friday, October 30, 2015

Seduction Game by Pamela Clare

Book Description

The acclaimed author of Striking Distance returns with more danger, intrigue, and I-Team action...

CIA officer Nick Andris wants revenge. His last mission failed after a Georgian arms smuggler killed his lover. He’s been tailing a woman for three weeks hoping she will lead him to his target. But there’s a problem with the intel. Holly Elise Bradshaw is nothing more than an entertainment writer with a love for sex and designer clothes. Clearly someone at Langley made a mistake . . .

When Holly finds herself in trouble, the only weapons at her disposal are her brains and her body. But they won’t be enough to handle the man who’s following her. He’s going to turn her world upside-down.

AVAILABLE: October 20, 2015

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FINALLY!!! Holly's book is here!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!  I feel like I've been waiting forever for "Horny Holly" story.

And did she have a story....

We already knew Holly is a loyal and great friend, but she comes off as a materialistic, shallow, party girl that is always looking for a good time.  Pamela Clare really took everything we "thought" we knew about Holly and flipped it on it's head.  Holly has secrets.  Big secrets that even her I-Team family doesn't (and can't) know.  And under her "blonde" persona, is a strong, extremely intelligent woman that knows how to take care of herself.

Nick Andris is a man bent on revenge.  After hunting the man that killed his girlfriend and fellow CIA agent two years prior, Nick has him in his sights.  His intel is telling him that Holly is in this man's (dirty) pockets.  Only, Nick doesn't know if he believes that... there is no way that a entertainment writer could be in cahoots with the man.  But his superior is telling him Holly is a traitor and he can use any means necessary to find out what she knows.

Nick and Holly have to learn to trust in each other while on the run from the bad guys; all while trying to figure out just WHO the bad guys are.  Seduction Game is a fast-paced, action-packed story of deceit, trust, attraction and love. 

While all the I-Team novels can be read in any order, I fully recommend reading ALL of them.  Because they are all that good.  Previous couples play an important role in all books as well, BUT you don't lose any of this story if you haven't read any of the previous I-Team novels.

So glad Pamela Clare is healthy and back to writing AMAZING stories for our enjoyment!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5