Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How Forever Feels by Laura Drewry

Book Description

Maya McKay's heart is as big as Jack Rhodes's shoulders are broad. Their chemistry is out of control, but it could never work between them because Jack is more than just best friends with her cheating ex-husband—they're like brothers. Maya, the sensitive, practical florist, has given up on love and is ready to settle for like. But now that Jack's around again, he's stirring up old feelings—and turning Maya's fantasies into irresistible reality.

Jack blew his chance with Maya years ago when he stepped aside for his best friend, Will, and he's still kicking himself about it. Maya was promisedforever once before, and she got burned. But when Jack realizes that second chances aren't going to fall out of the sky, he seizes the moment—and the woman he's always loved—to show her how forever truly feels.

AVAILABLE: October 13, 2015

**I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Honestly, I skipped so much of this book.  I could not stand Jack.  I thought he didn't deserve Maya in any way!!! Jack is best friends/foster brothers with Maya's ex-husband, Will.  So I understand why he is loyal to him, but there comes a point where you go WTF!!???!!!!  

He KNOWS Will cheats on Maya even before they are married, yet doesn't tell her (even though he is in love with her) and THEN sides with Will's family that Maya overreacted by leaving Will when she walks in on him having sex with yet another woman.  THEN Jack has the nerve to ask Maya to supply the flowers for Will and his soon-to-be wife's (THE WOMAN MAYA WALKED IN ON)  wedding the next day!!! I mean WTF!!! Nope. Nope. Nope.  

The only bright spot is the relationship with Maya and her friends. 

Rating: 2 out of 5