Monday, January 25, 2016

Dirty, Sexy Saint by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

Book Description

New York Times bestselling authors Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde bring you a dirty, sexy, smoking hot SERIES featuring three bad boy brothers bonded by shocking secrets and their damaged past. Sinful, addicting, and unapologetically alpha, these men are every woman’s erotic daydream ... And your ultimate dirty fantasy.

Are you ready to get Dirty Sexy with a Saint?

Clay Kincaid knows he's more a sinner than a saint. Especially when it comes to women. With a rough and damaged past that has left him jaded, he doesn't do committed relationships. But he does like sex—the hotter and harder, the better. He likes it fast and filthy, which is why he refuses to even touch someone as sweet and guileless as Samantha Jamieson. Until he discovers that she likes it just as down and dirty as he does. Let the sinning begin . . .


All books in the DIRTY SEXY Series are full-length novels with no cliffhangers!

AVAILABLE: January 19, 2016

Dirty, Sexy Series
Dirty, Sexy Saint (Book 1) ORDER HERE
Dirty, Sexy Inked (Book 2) *Available April 5, 2016 Preorder HERE*

Samantha Jamieson is a quintessential rich girl.  She grew up having the best of everything and never having to work to have it.  Her sheltered life consisted of private schools, parties and becoming "groomed" for the life her parents want for her to have.  It revolved around making sure that the family company stayed IN the family, and that means Samantha has to marry someone her father deems capable of taking over Jamieson Global.  But when Samantha actually HEARS her father having the "marriage" talk with the man she has been seeing (and doesn't love), she finally decides she has had enough of her life being dictated by her parents wants/needs and leaves.  With no where to go, she ends up on the other side of town in a popular bar, Kincaid's.

Clay "Saint" Kincaid knows what it feels like to be down on your luck and at the mercy of others.  So when he sees a very drunk Samantha (aka Cupcake) at the end of his bar, he can't help but help the beautiful, out-of-place blonde.  And when Sam asks him for a job and a place to stay, he thinks that this "Cupcake" will be running home to her parents by the end of the night.  But what he doesn't expect is his cupcake to not be afraid of hard work and go after what she wants in life, including him!

Dirty, Sexy Saint is a quick, steamy read.  You could feel the chemistry between Sam and Clay!! I loved how each character grew and discovered that while they are strong as individuals, their love and respect for each other makes them stronger as a COUPLE.

Looking forward to the other Kincaid brothers HEA!!

Rating: 5 out of 5

**I received an ARC through RockStar Lit in exchange for a honest review.** 

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