Saturday, January 30, 2016

Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy: Part 1 by Shiloh Walker

Book Description

Money Can't Buy Love...

Ella Cruise doesn't like to be touched. A survivor of childhood abuse, she craves security in all aspects of her life: fulfilling work at the nonprofit she runs, more than enough money to live comfortably, and a good friend and confidant. But none of it can ease her longing for intimacy, even if just for a night. When she meets a gorgeous bartender who moonlights as a male prostitute, a bold idea begins to take shape...

But It Can Buy a Night of Passion—or Thirty...

Sean Lachlan is stunned by the cool beauty's offer: 30 nights of no-strings sex in exchange for all the money he'd need to start over. The deal seems too good to be true, especially since his desire for her is no act, but Sean finds he can't turn her down. Before they know it, Sean and Ella realize they're in deep, their defenses crumbling. Will thirty nights with a dirty boy be enough after all, or will love lead Ella and Sean back to the negotiating table?

Read all three parts in Shiloh Walker's scorching-hot Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy e-serial!

AVAILABLE: February 2, 2016

In part 1 of Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy, we are introduced to Ella Cruise and Sean Lachlan.  Sean is a bartender at the bar where Ella's friends works at.  Ella has been working consistently working on her new non-profit in honor of her guardian, Nora's Door.  This is her night to celebrate all her hard work coming together with her one friend.  When Ella sees Sean for the first time she is instantly attracted to him and begins coming to the bar just to look at him.  

When Ella learns that Sean is also a male prostitute that uses that bar to make connections, she comes up with a plan.  If she can convince Sean to give her thirty nights, maybe Ella can get past her fears of being touched and intimacy that have been haunting her for her whole life.

Rating: 4 out of 5

**I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.**


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