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Until I'm Yours by Kennedy Ryan

Book Description

The world knows her face . . .

Mean girl. Goddess. Bitch. Supermodel Sofie Baston has earned those labels . . . yet they don't scratch the surface of who she really is. Before she can follow her own dreams, Sophie must do her daughterly duty and reel in a "fish" for her father's business-a tall, brown-eyed entrepreneur who immediately hooks her. He's a big guy with an even bigger heart . . . but will that heart be open to Sofie once her darkest secret is revealed?

. . . but only one man knows her heart

To Trevor Bishop, Sofie is a beautiful mystery he would gladly spend his life solving. He figures her tough demeanor is armor against a world that's hurt her too many times. Then Sofie's deepest wounds are reopened by the powerful, ruthless man who made them. When she musters the courage to take him down, her world shatters. Now Trevor is determined to help Sofie pick up the pieces so they can build a future together. The challenge will be convincing his ice princess that it's safe to melt in his arms . . .

AVAILABLE: February 2, 2016

The Bennett Series
When You Are Mine (Book 1)
Loving You Always (Book 2)
Be Mine Forever (Book 3)
Until I'm Yours (Book 4)

Until I'm Yours was my first book by Kennedy Ryan, and it MOST DEFINITELY won't be my last!! This book was so much more than I thought it was going to be going into it. OMG.  I know it is only the end of January (when I'm writing this) but I can already tell this book will be one of my favorites of the year.  Everything about this book just works for me!  Being that I've never read any other books by Ms. Ryan, Until I'm Yours can be read as a standalone without missing a thing in Sofie and Trevor's journey.

Ohhhhhhh Trevor, Trevor, Trevor.  He is a smart, funny, compassionate man who is constantly searching for "his fire", that one thing (or person) that drives him to be a better man, that WANTS him to be better, and that he can do the same in return.  He sees that fire in Sofie and is willing to do anything to prove it to her.  He challenges Sofie to become the woman that SHE wants to be, not what her parents and the world want or expect her to be.  Trevor MAKES you believe in a true, pure, selfless, honest love he has for Sofie.

"I see you, Sofie.  You're not just a pretty face and a tastefully done Playboy spread.  There's a lot more to you than that." 

Sofie Baston is one of the most famous faces in the world.  Yet, only a few people REALLY know her.  She is confident, says what she thinks (even if it's rude or sarcastic), funny, unapologetic and... searching for something.  She projects a hardness to the world that came from her upbringing and events from her past.  Trevor is the first person to really SEE her, and she has trouble believing she is worthy of all his attention.  It's a concept so foreign to Sofie that she doesn't know how to accept that she can actually BE that person that Trevor sees in her.  It was beautiful to read her growth and discover that inner strength that she didn't know she had.

Until I'm Yours made me laugh, cry, swoon, and FEEL for these characters and their journey as individuals and as a couple.  It is so much more than a typical love story.  It is a story of discovering your inner strength and the goodness i  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book and this author!!!  This is a MUST READ!!

Rating: 5++ out of 5

**I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.**


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