Sunday, November 22, 2015

His Kind of Trouble by Terri Austin

Book Description

Monica Campbell may have a history as a wild child, but she’s changed her ways. She’s respectable, responsible—and, most importantly, she’s sworn off bad boys. That is, until Callum Hughes roars back into her life with his sexy British accent and killer smile.

Cal remembers every steamy moment he shared with Monica, but he barely recognizes the straight-laced woman she’s become. Determined to lure Monica into letting go of her inhibitions, Cal will use every trick he knows to fire her blood and tempt her body…reminding her just how good it can feel to be bad—and his.

AVAILABLE: November 3, 2015

Four years ago, Monica Campbell hit her rock bottom.  Since then she has made a conscious effort to lose her bad girl ways.  She's determined to be a respectable, responsible adult.  She earned her master's degree and now works for the charitable organization that was started in her mother's honor.  Also, she now only dates respectable, responsible men.  No more bad boys with no jobs for her.  The Calum Hughes comes back into her life.

Calum and Monica shared a sexy moment at her father's wedding five years ago that he never forgot.  So imagine his surprise when he sees her again all buttoned-up and serious.  What happened to the confident, sexy woman he met out in the garden for some serious kissing?  Just as determined Monica is to stay on the straight-and-narrow, Cal is JUST as determined to get her to shed the horrible pant-suits and letting go... with him.  

Monica is hesitant to give into Cal.  She NEEDS to prove to her older sister that she is responsible and doesn't need to be "looked after".  She becomes a more balanced Monica the longer she is with Cal, but is scared to fully open up to him because Cal never is in one place to long.

His Kind Of Trouble is a story of self-discovery, growth, and trust (in yourself).  That while you made of made mistakes in your past, you can learn and grow from them while still remaining true to who you are.  Life is about balance, and this is a story about Monica and Calum finding theirs.

Rating: 4 out of 5

**I received an ARC though Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**