Saturday, November 14, 2015

Off Limits by Kelly Jamieson

Book Description

The Christmas season always puts a smile on Jenna McFadden's face. Even though she's bringing a boyfriend home for the first time, inside she's dying to see Andrew. Years ago, when the McFaddens took the troubled teen into their home, Jenna had to keep her blazing-hot crush a secret. And now that he's playing pro hockey for the NHL's Chicago Aces, nothing's changed. With his wide shoulders and taut muscles, Andrew's the most tempting package in the house . . . one that Jenna's dying to unwrap.
Andrew Ross just can't make a play for Jenna. Her dad and brothers wouldn't approve, and he could never betray the trust of the wonderful people who treated him like family when he lost his own. That's what makes the holidays so hard. Whether Jenna's skating with Andrew on a frozen pond or sitting on his lap while he plays Santa, she's pushing all their boundaries—and there's only so much a man can take. Andrew knows that she's off-limits. But something deep down tells him that Jenna's heart is the one prize he simply has to win.

AVAILABLE: November 17, 2015

Aces Hockey Series
Major Misconduct (Book 1) *review here*
Off Limits (Book 1.5)

Jenna McFadden hasn't seen Andrew Ross, the boy her family took in when he was 16 years old, in about 2 years.  Andrew was her teenage crush and after a weekend in college, they finally acted on their feelings for each other.  But the weekend was cut short and guilt settled in with Andrew, and they went their separate ways.  Jenna is trying to move on from her feelings, but Christmas at home (and seeing Andrew) tell her that moving on from your first crush isn't always easy.

Andrew has always felt like he betrayed the McFadden's after acting on his desire for Jenna.  She was supposed to be off limits to him.  Mr. McFadden warned Andrew to stay away from Jenna when they took him in.  That doesn't mean that his feelings for her have gone away since their weekend together.  He's shocked when Jenna comes home for Christmas with a boyfriend.  

Will Andrew be able to move past the fear of disappointing the family that gave him a home or will he let the guilt keep him away from the one person worth 

This Aces Hockey novella had the feel of a full length novel.  I definitely enjoyed Off Limits more than I did Major Misconduct (Book 1 - review linked above).  Can't wait for Duncan's book next!!

*On a side note... I'm not really a fan of the cover.  I don't think the model matches the description of Andrew really well (at least for me).

Rating: 4 out of 5

**I received an ARC through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**