Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sinful Longing by Lauren Blakely

Book Description

He's the inked brother. The one you're wondering about. The bad boy of the family.

Colin Sloan has a past. He's done things he's not proud of, but he's living differently now. Making changes in his life. Working hard, working out harder, and trying to win over one woman. He's utterly crazy about Elle Mariano, and though the sex is epic, their friends-with-benefits arrangement just isn’t cutting it anymore. He wants all of her, and is determined to prove he’s what she needs in her life.

Elle is fiery, loyal, and in major lust with Colin Sloan. He’s everything she craves in a man -- smart, sexy, kind -- and a rock star between the sheets. But his past hits too close to home for her, and the people she has to protect. There isn't room in her life for a relationship with Colin. Especially when she’s forced to keep a secret that could tear his family apart…

SINFUL LONGING is the third book in the steamy, sexy, suspenseful New York Times Bestselling Sinful Nights series from Lauren Blakely, author of the wildly popular Seductive Nights series...This high-heat, high-stakes romance series follows the Sloan family as each sibling falls madly in love against the backdrop of sin, money, greed, passion, mystery and suspense... 

AVAILABLE: November 17, 2015

Sinful Nights series
Sweet Sinful Nights (Book 1)
Sweet Desire (Book 1.5)
Sinful Desire (Book 2)
Sinful Longing (Book 3)
Sinful Love (Book 4) **AVAILABLE March 2016

Lauren Blakely is another of my MUST-READ authors, especially her Sinful Night series.  Each one so far has been AMAZING and each new sibling becomes my favorite!! 

Colin Sloan has worked hard to move past the sins of his past.  He has done things that he isn't proud of and was self destructive.  He hit rock bottom, and with the help of his family, was able to become a better man.  He works hard, treats his body like a temple, and is absolutely crazy about Elle Mariano.  The sex between them is all time great, but this friends-with-benefits thing isn't working for him anymore.  He wants ALL of her.  He just needs to show her that the sexual chemistry they share can translate beyond just hot sex.

Elle has her own history with self-destructive men and she has vowed to never put herself or her son in that position again.  And Colin's past scares her.  She feels more for him then she lets on, but the fear of the past repeating itself makes Elle keep some boundaries on their "relationship".  

But the heart wants what the heart wants.  And as Colin starts to chip away at Elle's protective walls, Elle learns something that will throw the whole Sloan family's world for a loop.

Some of the events of Sinful Longing overlap with Sinful Desire (Book 2).  If you want to read Sinful Longing and haven't read the previous books, I FULLY recommend that you start from the beginning (Sweet Sinful Nights).  While each book focuses on a different Sloan sibling (and romance), there is an underlining story that flows through the WHOLE series.  You would be missing the complete story of what is happening with this family.

And the cliffhanger that sets you up for Sinful Love... OMG!! WHY IS IT SO FAR AWAY!?!?!?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5